Bitcoin Blockchain Innovations: Sidechains

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Coin Check! Decent Bet, ETHLend & INS

$2500 Bitcoin! Will Vinny Lingham legitimize BTC ICO’s? Monero disaster

Another incredible day in Bitcoin history. The scaling issue is not solved, but in the USA the price of Bitcoin got hit $2500 and hit all time highs. Fluffy Pony of Monero did not have a real announcement and the price dropped. People are not happy with him and his attacks against DASH are looking […]

Rocky Palumbo talks Bitcoin brain wallets, passphrase storage, Asicboost, & more!

Will the Silbert Bitcoin scaling agreement stick? Asian BTC news, Dash & Monero surge

All sorts of news is coming out the consensus event In New York. Barry Silbert officially tells the world about his “Scaling agreement”. Will it stick? What will tech experts say? I do not like the word hard fork and I want to avoid two Bitcoins at all costs! Are anonymous coins surging because of […]

Rocky Palumbo talks Bitcoin brain wallets, passphrase storage, Asicboost, & more!

$2200 Bitcoin on a historic day! Ethereum close to $200. BTC Segwit soon?

Rumors of a scaling solution for Bitcoin are coming out of New York. A major cryptocurrency conference is taking place and BTC and ETH are surging. Trading volumes are record breaking. FOMO is filling the air. Today was historic. That is the bottom line. A new story seemed to come out every hour. I hope […]

Rocky Palumbo talks Bitcoin brain wallets, passphrase storage, Asicboost, & more!

Bitcoin, Digibyte & PIVX quick update

I hope you all enjoy the update! I am happy to hear of all your success! Thank you, Aaron Ag Donations Appreciated! =) Bitcoin: 1NWo35CzrPt5DPc5PngYu7aLMGXReMS3v3 Dash: XbJyV3gr9ojEyDzoDyuESrudkLYrBqdGb7 Digibyte: DKuX9UisV4wteX8RKk7PNTBGmaQNttDrUM Ethereum: 0x88399fc70c1b2680c6c15d23641780c4b5f0dfc3 Litecoin: LNMRQTfmYpDPugZUQehvHyiMJDPXjhLEeu Peercoin: PSnfe7Ej7BXc3UgyJ8KH6ymfwWocipfE7S ( Crypto Cloud Mining. Get 3% off with coupon code: vyQnLS ) ( Buy Crypto Currencies with Paypal […]

Sapien CEO Interview